Dr. William Becker

Private Practice limited to Periodontics and Dental Implant, Academy of Restorative Academy – USA

 Is Dental Implant Treatment Out of Control?

Implant Problems or Disasters: What to Do?

During the early developmental days of dental implant therapy, surgical and restorative procedures were limited to treatment for the dental cripple. These procedures were primarily performed by dental specialists. What has transpired since the early 70’s? There are now over 700 types of implants with seemingly new systems coming to market monthly. Today endodontists, prosthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons and seemingly many well-intentioned general dentists have become involved with placing and restoring implants. With all these changes, there has been an exponential number of implant patients with problems. In many instances solutions to these problems are not easily corrected. This presentation will discuss problems occurring with changes in implant dentistry.