BDS, MS, FRCDC; Assistant Consultant in Endodontics- Dental Services, CR; Clinical Supervisor/Lecturer, Saudi Board of Endodontics Program; Representative of Endodontic Division-DPP Committee; Member-Continuing Education Committee, King Abdulaziz Medical City – Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs

 Endodontics Regeneration: An Evidence Based Review

Necrotic teeth with open apices are challenging cases to manage. Traditionally, apexification or extraction were the treatment of choice for those cases. Recently ,Endodontic regeneration has Become an alternative treatment option for management of necrotic teeth with immature  (open)apex.  In this presentation, I will review the following in an evidence based manner;  What is endodontic Regeneration History of Endodontic Regeneration Challenges in Endodontic Regeneration Contemporary materials used during Endo Regeneration procedur  Clinical steps (Updated protocol) for endodontic regeneration procedure Clinical cases.