DMD, Budapest; Prosthodontist (Tufts USA); Co-Director – Branemark Osseointegration Center, Dubai, UAE

Immediate Loading with Permanent Restorations – Fact or Myth

With increased costs and treatment time often required in implant reconstructions, an increased patient resistance to implant treatment has been noted. Furthermore, bone grafting subsequently adds to patient morbidity, treatment cost and time. In such patients with suboptimal bone volume, bone grafts can often be avoided & treatment can be optimized & accelerated by placing Site Specific Angled implants, Narrower implants and Wider implants in available bone. With good primary stability these implants can also be loaded immediately with Same Day teeth for immediate reconstruction & immediate function. In the single implant case, it is possible to deliver the permanent all ceramic screw retained restoration routinely within 4 hours. In cases of multiple implants, it is possible to deliver acrylic screw retained temporary teeth within 4 hours and permanent all-ceramic or metal-ceramic teeth within 7 days. High treatment acceptance and patient satisfaction are the most important advantages of this protocol. By avoiding excessive bone grafting with the use of Site Specific implants placed in available native bone, the gain in time for the patient implies an economic & time benefit which is important especially for professionally and/or socially active patients.


At the end of this lecture delegates should be able to identify:

1) Appropriate Case Selection where immediate loading with the permanent restoration can be done within in 7 days in cases meeting the following criteria:

  1. Adequate available native bone & attached soft tissues
  2. High implant primary stability
  3. Appropriate implant number, length & diameter
  4. Appropriate implant distribution (A-P spread)
  5. Prosthodontically driven implant placement for screw retention

2) Advantages:

  1. Reduction in treatment time
  2. Cost saving
  3. Immediate function
  4. Increased patient satisfaction
  5. High treatment acceptance

3) Surgical Technique

4) Prosthodontic Technique

5) Complications & Their Management