PhD AI; Strategy & Development Consultant – Bahrain

Inventive Thinking for Doctors: Your Quantum Leap Approach for Dental and Medical Patents As per the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) statistics, the Middle East lags behind in its contribution to dental and medical patents globally. This is due to multiple factors such as the absence of research and development in medical technology, manufacturing industries and higher education institutes. Psychological inertia (doubting our intellectual abilities) is a critical obstacle that stunts growth and development in this field. This paper aims to highlight the key skillsets and tools that could help in developing an inventive culture and its constituents; Research & Development, Education and Manufacturing Industries)

This paper will characterize the following elements:

  • Creativity vs. Innovation
  • Patent Types, Characteristics and Lifecycle
  • Opportunity and Potential for Improvement
  • Attaining Ideality in Patents
  • The Holistic View
  • Envisioning Evolutionary Trends
  • Resolving Contradictions
  • Functional Analysis and trimming harm
  • Benefits and Systems

These topics are key intellectual drivers towards the creation of an inventive patent eco-system and can influence an established chain reaction focusing on Research and Development, Education and subsequently manufacturing industries.