DDS, DMSc, Genoa; Professor Dentist – Acqui Terme (AL), Italy

Bone Regeneration: Conventional Techniques vs New 3D Customized Devices

Bone augmentation is one of the most complex procedure both due to the chosen technique and the unpredictability od the treated site.  Going throughout the proper planning of the case, selecting the right defect and the right approach complications may be less and more manageable. Thank to the digital technology nowadays it is possible to have a preview of the final result and specially to customize the device, shortening the surgical time and avoiding intra-operative misfits.

The lecture aims to give a rational flow of assessment to the bone deficient case, analyzing benefits and contraindications with particular attention on the use of traditional and customized titanium meshes.

Soft Tissues: A Critical Update And Review Of The Management Aroud Teeth And Implants

Maintaining the health of soft tissues surrounding natural teeth has always been the one of the aim of periodontic dentistry. One of the most common problem that almost every dentist has encountered is root exposure, and there is no single approach to the reconstruction of soft-tissues once it has receded and exposed the root surface. Soft tissue management may be complex, but it can be predictable and beneficial once it is properly diagnosed, the best treatment plan is chosen and the correct treatment is identified and well executed. Peri-implant tissue mangement on the other hand which focuses on harmonizing peri implant structures which includes bone structure enhancement, soft tissue enhancement, precision in implant placement and the quality of prosthetic restorations. But once exposure of the implant surface occurs, proves to be more challenging  because of the unpredictability of tissue response, especially its healing, and other contributing factors. This lecture aims to  share the evolution of soft-tissue management. From the basic technique, the different treatment modalities, and to the most recent techniques being used to manage the health of soft tissues surrounding natural teeth as well as implants.