DMD, Geneva; SSPRE, Swiss; Esthetic Dentist – Helvetic Dental Center, Switzerland

Lecture Part 1 & 2

Adhesive and esthetic dentistry are now part of our daily practice. The adhesion offers a huge panel of treatment options. It is important to know and understand the potential of adhesive restorations in order to decide the right treatment planning. Always trying to be more and more conservative, our goal is to achieve an esthetic rehabilitation while focusing as well in the functional aspect of the restorations. Talking about esthetic dentistry, ceramic veneers offer an amazing range of possibilities, the most high-end restorations and a long-lasting result. Are they always indicated? or in some cases, a simple bleaching or some direct composite restorations could be enough? it is mandatory to master all conservative treatment options before we decide to go for ceramic veneers. My lectures will go throw all the conservative and esthetic procedures, from the bleaching to the ceramic veneers explaining in detail all the pros and cons of each.