DDS, UAE; MS, USA; Consultant & Head of Pediatric Dentistry Department – Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE

Occlusion & Space Maintainers in Pediatric Patients

Children’s’ occlusion undergo many changes during their growing years. This adaptive process provides a suitable oral environment for future teeth to come in. In this talk, participants will learn the types of occlusion and dental spaces present in children and their importance in accommodating growing teeth. Additionally, a thorough description of space maintainers, their indications and specific features will also be discussed in details. These important insights will boost confidence and help refine the knowledge of participants when providing care for pediatric patients.

Running Efficient General Anesthesia Service for Pediatric Dental Patients in High Volume Government Hospitals

General anesthesia is an integral component of pediatric dentistry. Many children undergo oral rehabilitation procedure every year to alleviate pain, restore oral function and improve their quality of life. In this talk, participants will learn how to minimize the risk of general anesthesia for the growing young child based on the latest evidence studies in animals and humans. Moreover, a stringent pediatric dental anesthesia protocol will be presented to increase efficiency and eliminate long waiting time in high volume government hospitals.