Dr. Karim Korbani

DCD, DESE; Senior Lecturer-Department of Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry, Faculty & Member of Lebanese Society of Laser Dentistry

 Clinical Applications of Resin Composite: Esthetics Everywhere for Everyone

Esthetics has become the main driven factor in clinical dentistry; since the introduction of resin composite and adhesive dentistry, several published paper described the drawbacks with composite application. Complicate adhesion procedures, handling problems, colour stability, excessive wear and surface deterioration.  This lecture will discuss the advantages and limitations of novel resin composite, the tips in clinical applications, material choice, shade selection and appropriate adhesive techniques. It will show new techniques with composites in the anterior /posterior region, present a simplified layering concept and discuss the limitations of them from a simple Class 1 to a complex reconstruction and direct composite veneer. It will be based on many fully documented clinical cases.

Easy and Reproducible Applications of Resin Composite

This course will discuss the basic background for the appropriate indication and placement of anterior and posterior direct restorations. It will teach dentist an easy and reproducible way to build up a restoration using a limited number of shades, placing a rubber dam and isolating the working field.. Finally, the polishing and finishing of composite restorations are explained, in order to ensure an esthetic and durable composite restoration.