Dr. Irfan Ahmad

Consultant Prosthodontist-College of Dentistry, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Dammam Saudi Arabia

Mi (Minimally Invasive) Smiles! (CurrentTrends in Aesthetic Dentistry)

Cosmetic dentistry began in the 80s with the so called ‘porcelain smiles,’ invariably involving grinding down healthy teeth and fabricating ceramic, bright, white laminates. This vogue, initiated in America, spread across the world, and is still practiced by many practitioners to this day. However, the consequences of these spurious, often poorly delivered modalities are being realised decades later. The repercussions of these elective, over- treatment for achieving quasi- aesthetics are failing restorations, endodontic complications, periodontal insult or even tooth loss. There is no doubt that the insatiable demand for cosmetic enhancement, both medical & dental, is on the increase. Patients are forever seeking beautification of their bodies, and teeth are no exception. We are entering a new era where appearance often takes precedence over healing. Looking better, right or wrong, is linked with social and career advancement, as well as psychological well-being. These tendencies have burgeoned a billion dollar global ‘aesthetic industry’, aimed at satiating the hedonistic wishes of the ‘beautiful people.’
But all is not doom & gloom, and the current state of affairs should not be viewed with consternation. Today, with contemporary dental techniques and materials, it is possible to have that elusive smile without irreversibly damaging natural teeth. Novel approaches allow clinicians to achieve superlative dental aesthetics, without needlessly sacrificing healthy tooth substrate or compromising periodontal health.
This lecture presents protocols for achieving beautiful smiles, satisfying patients wishes, but without causing irreversible damage to their teeth. The discussion focuses on minimally invasive techniques that deliver treatment options that were once implausible.