MDM, BDM, Geneva; Dentist – Master in Aesthetic & Micro-Invasive Dentistry, Clinique Universitaire de Medecine Dentaire, Geneva

Chairside Adhesive Restorations: From the Preparation to the Digital Impression and Adhesive Cementation

Since the first introduction of the Cerec system (Sirona Dental System GmbH) in the early 80s, CAD-CAM technology has widely spread in modern adhesive dentistry. Thanks to this innovative technology it has been possible to carry out chairside restorations fully managed  by the clinician, with the advantage of lower costs for the patient, more rapid execution of the restorations and suppression of the provisional phase. With further improvements in chairside technologies and materials, specifically in the field of composite resins blocks, it is possible nowadays to fabricate any kind of restoration, from minimally invasive or even noninvasive restorations to crown in implant, in one single appointment. The aim of this presentation is to show, with several clinical cases, all the possibilities of the chair side system, tip and tricks of the tooth preparation and cementation of adhesive restorations.

Esthetic Integration of Monolithic CAD/CAM Composite Resin Restorations: Extra- And Intra- Oral Modifications

Innovative CAD/CAM chair-side technologies and the introduction of new industrially polymerized composite resin blocks coupled to modern adhesive strategies have reduced both biological and financial costs compared to a classic post-core-crown approach. On the other hand, concerns may arise for the limited esthetic of this monochromatic / monolithic restoration. The purpose of this presentation is to show with some case how to improve the esthetic integration and how to do some esthetic extra- and intra-oral modification of the CAD

/CAM blocks.