DDS, MSc Endodontics & Prosthodontics; Clinical instructor, Saint Joseph University Prosthodontic Department, International Lecturer, Coltene Whaledent company, Dentist, Private Clinic

The Wide Use of CAD CAM

The wide use of CAD CAM chairside technologie revealed mechanical and esthetic problems. The flexural strength, the modulus of elasticity and the wear resistance can mainly predict the lifetime of the restauration in term of mechanical properties. Moreover, the tensile bond strength between the restoration and the prepared tooth is a major key of the success of the restoration. Concerning the esthetic side, most of the restorations are monolithic. So when an anterior tooth must be restored, lots of skills and abilities are required to perform the task efficiently. In the last few years, Coltene Whaledent introduced to the market the Brilliant Crios CAD CAM block for single restoration such as crown, endocrown, veneer, inlay and onlay. This resin reinforced block have very good mechanical and esthetic properties,and a very good radioopacity that differ from other product. A kit for stain and glaze from Coltene is delivered and two silicone burs from Diatech are used for manual polishing. The cementation technique is performed using the Solocem and the one coat 7 universal bonding that contains MDP to enhance the tensile bond strength.