Dr. Albandary Aljameel

BDS, MSc Dental Public Health, PhD Epidemiology & Public Health; Assistant Professor-Department of Periodontics & Community Dentistry, Alumni Unit, Chairperson-Quality Unit, Deputy Vice Dean of Quality & Development, Supervisory Committee-Academic Accreditation, Student Supervisory Unit, Community Service Unit, AD HOC Committee-Doctorate Degree, Dental Public Health, College of Dentistry King Saud University

Nation’s Vision Towards Oral Health: Where Are We? 

Nations’ health is a pillar that any community should have to be able to catch the wheel of rapid global development and sustain it. Governments, including Saudi Arabia, care about the health of their citizens and the provision of needed quality health care services, therefore they are working hand in hand with different ministries to cure disease and conditions, prevent them from occurrence and also promote for health. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, health services are experiencing a transitional stage guided by the National Transformation Program 2020, and Vision 2030. Enhancing the quality of preventive and therapeutic health care services, as well as, focusing on promoting preventive care are targets that were clearly stated in the Vision 2030. Preventing disease from occurrence and promoting health if planned and implemented properly will result in evident improvement of the nation’s health; it will also enhance the country’s economic. Oral health is well acknowledged as an integral part of general health and wellbeing. Several bodies at KSA are involved in the cycle of providing and maintaining good oral health; and this keynote will highlight the national status on the prevention and promotion of Saudi’s oral health.