DDS, Beirut; Orthodontist – Private Practice & American University of Beirut Medical Center

Implants and Orthodontics: A Symbiotic Partnership

Osseointegrated dental implants were originally intended for completely edentulous patients but gradually became an integral part of all disciplines of dentistry. Today, implants are becoming standard components of the orthodontic armamentarium and orthodontic treatment is often a prerequisite for optimal implant placement and restorative outcomes. This lecture will describe the alliance between orthodontics and osseointegration that comes in three different ways: (1) Pre-implant orthodontics; (2) Single-tooth implants in orthodontics; (3) Orthodontic implants as stationary anchorage (TADs). Clinical cases will illustrate the multifaceted role of orthodontics in dental implantology and how the relationship between the two disciplines is constantly offering new treatment options for previously untreatable clinical situations.

The Eight Components of A Balanced Smile

An increasing number of patients are seeking treatment today to improve their appearance. Dentists are constantly looking for guidelines as to what the perfect smile should be. A pleasing smile directly depends on the relations between teeth and lips, their integration in a harmonious facial composition, and the quality of the dental and gingival elements it contains. This lecture will describe eight components for a balanced smile as guides to smile analysis and treatment. Clinical situations in which one or more components of the smile are affected will be shown. It will also describe how orthodontics alone or in combination with other disciplines can enhance the various components of the smile.