BDS, AEGD, Cert. Prosthodontic, MSD Prosthodontics, FRCDC, FACP, DABP; Program Director-Saudi Board in Prosthodontics, National Guard Health Affairs; Associate Consultant-Department of Prosthodontics,  King Abdulaziz Dental Center- National Guard Health Affairs; Assistant Professor-Joint Appointment, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences ; Consultant-Prosthodontics

Soft Tissue Management Around Dental Implants: A Luxury or A Must?

The aim of this presentation is to highlight some clinical aspects related to soft tissues around dental implants in the esthetic zone. The need to manage soft tissue through temporization is considered an optimal treatment modality insuring health, function and esthetics of the implant/soft tissue apparatus. Presentation of some faulty clinical cases without proper clinical multidisciplinary planning that presented to the clinic after implant placement for final restoration. Emphasize on proper management of implants in the esthetic zone as it relates not only to the function and replacement but also to the high esthetic demand in such sites. One of the goals of implant treatment in the esthetic zone is to replace missing teeth with close to natural emergence profile