 2013 – present, Dental Hygiene Clinician, Department of Dentistry, King Faisal Specialist
Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh
 2002 – 2013, Dental Hygienist, Department of Dentistry, King Faisal Specialist Hospital &
Research Centre, Riyadh.
** Working & dealing professionally with medical compromise and high risk patients:
o Cardiac o Hemophilic
o MRS Patients o Renal
o Mental Retardation o Cleft Lip and Maxillofacial Deformity
o Bleeding Disorder o Head & Neck Patients
** Working with special protocol clinic (high ranking VIPs).
Additional Duties
 Dec 2015 – present, Acting Supervisor, Dental Hygiene, Department of Dentistry, King Faisal
Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh
 2013 – present, Coordinator for Dental Hygiene Intern Program, Department of Dentistry,
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh
 2013 – present, Council Member of King Saud University Applied Medical Science
 Bachelor Degree from the Applied Medical Science College -Dental Hygiene Department,
January 2003 (King Saud University-Riyadh).
 Secondary high school, May 1996 (Al-Tarbeyah Al-Islameyah School).
Other Experiences:
 Supervised & trained 22 groups of interns (dental hygienists) in KFSH&RC.
 Worked as Dental Hygienist Instructor in King Saud University after graduation
 Member in the Saudi Periodontal Club.
 Consultant member in applied medical college king Saud University (since 2011).
 Coordinator of intern dental hygiene program (2013),and dental hygiene intern program
coordinator for 5years.
 Represented the university from the Dental Hygiene department during the Annual week
universities & Society convention.
 Represented the Dental Department in KFSH&RC in the following events:
o Dental Awareness Day
o Diabetic Day
o Hemophilia Day
o Smoking Day
 Preparing and giving lectures to many Schools, Universities and Hospitals i.e.
o Al-Tarbeyah Al-Islameyah School
o Al-Riyadh School
o Handicap School
o King Khalid Hospital for OB section
o Military Hospital for Cardiac Patients
o King Saud University (as a research of the public knowledge in smoking risks)

MBC 70, Riyadh 11211 P.O. Box 3354
(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Mobile: +966 502444044

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 Preparing Brochures and posters to KFSH&RC regarding the following:
o Orthodontic Patients
o Implant Patients
o Kids Posters
o Hygiene Instructions on proper technician of using T.P.
o Healthy and Inflamed Gums and others
 Wrote several articles in KFSH magazine & Riyadh newspaper.
Certificates, Courses & Seminars
 11 th Saudi International Dental Meeting , Feb 28 th – Mar 2 nd 2000 (King Saud
 Obesity lecture, Mar 1 st 2000 (King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre)
 7 th Saudi Dental Congress, 27-30 Apr 2002 (King Fahad Center).
 Employee Annual Fire and Safety, Aug 25 th 2002 (KFSH&RC).
 Cancer 2002 International Symposium, 14 – 16 Oct 2002
 Quality day2007; Communication course, 4-5 Nov 2007 (KFSH&RC).
 SWOT analysis, Mar 31 st 2008, (King Saud University).
 AEEDC Dubai 2008, International Dental Conference &Arab Dental Exhibition, 4-6
Mar 2008(American Academy of CME) Dubai.
 1st International Dental Congress, 25-28 Mar 2008 (Faculty of Oral & Dental
Medicine- Cairo University).
 Quality day2008; partnership for excellence, Nov 2 nd 2008 (KFSH&RC).
 Children Cancer Awareness Day (Oncology Awareness), Mar 5 th 2009 (KFSH&RC).
 Hemophilia awareness day.
 Cleft lip and palate awareness day.
 Pediatric awareness day.
 attending and participating in most awareness days of
 visiting al-faisal school 2016 and al-afaq school, and king Saud university .
 giving lectures for levels 8 in king Saud university.
 participating in the hemophilia awareness day 2016.
 cancer awareness day 2016
 pediatric awareness day 2016
 cleft lip and palate awareness day 2016
 quality day in KFSH&RC
 Arestin lecture done 2016
 common mistakes and infection control lect 2016
 medically comp pts lect.

 Produce a children book by the name of “My Teeth”, approved in King Fahad Library.
 Giving lectures to new Saudi Nurses.
 Participating in Dental Hygiene Study Club by giving lectures.
 Producing posters for Dental Education.
 Coordinator of the “Molly, the Molar” (children play).

MBC 70, Riyadh 11211 P.O. Box 3354
(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Mobile: +966 502444044

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 Coordinator of the Pediatric Awareness Day 2005.
 implementing the in-words rounds in A1,A4,C1giving full education to patient and
 organizing all interns sch.
 organizing new hygiene trays and instruments .
 organizing seniors sch room rotation each week.
 visiting the applied medical college to give new lectures to the students .
 attending one course in USA.
 Participated in children programs (OHI)
 Participated in children hemophilia day.
 Art, reading, gain more knowledge in “Dental Hygiene", travelling ,spreading positive
 Arabic and English.
 learning Spanish.