DDS, MS, Michigan; PhD, Nebraska; MBA, Massachusetts; Dentist – UCLA School of Dentistry, Loma Linda University, Koka Dental Clinic

Truths, Half-truths and Lies in Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry

How much of what we are taught, and continue to teach, at University is true and justifiable? Do you ever wonder how much time, energy, money and effort you spend on concepts, techniques and technologies that do not really make a difference for the vast majority of patients that you treat? Could you be saving this time, energy, money and effort without the care of your patients suffering at all? This presentation will discuss some prosthodontic and implant “Truths” and explain why some are only Half-Truths and some are complete Lies. The best available evidence from the scientific literature holds the key to liberate you from outdated ways of thinking and doing and which will allow you to practice differently and teach differently. There is only one criterion to be eligible to join this webinar: an open mind.

Teatment Planning and Treating the Edentulous/Terminal Dentition Patient to Achieve Optimal Outcomes.

The stakes are high when planning and treating a patient with a full-arch fixed implant prosthesis.  Patient expectations, commitment level and financial cost are high – getting it right is crucial and getting it wrong is disastrous.  This presentation will cover what is truly important to consider, what really needs attention, and how to use innovative digital workflows during diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment in order to attain the high levels of patient satisfaction needed to please your patients and grow your practice referrals.