Dr. Aref Alaabed is the Founder & CEO for the International Medical Training Academy (IMTA) in London www.imta.co.uk. He is a Dentist & executive trainer with extensive years of experience in leading a medical facility. He implements policies and procedures, focusing on the development of
the organization by fulfilling the mission, vision and goals. Dr. Aref is holding an MBA fro Northampton university – UK, doing another Master degree in Coaching Leadership at Portsmouth university. A third master degree in the ILM – UK level 7.. Dr. Aref is also an accredited speaker from the CPD in England
in this field of expertise.

Founder & CEO, International Medical Training Academy (IMTA) in London

Professional Communication for Dentists

Course objectives:

  • Define communication & the 3 key components of communication
  • Provide technical steps to build rapport with patient.
  • Differentiate between empathy & sympathy with patient & build an empathy tips.
  • Discuss the different personality styles & identify the best way to understand people.
  • Conduct role-play how to breaking bad news for a patient
  • Provide practical tips to communicate with different type of patients.